Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hair... Love... and other randoms

(Just a picture on my phone of the picture at the LUXOR... crappy but oh well)
So I've just got to say - I am LOVIN' my hair the past week and a half. ESPECIALLY yesterday and today. It was the first time in like a month that I curled my hair.

Monday night I went to be with Michael since I had yesterday off of work. So he woke me up to say goodbye when he was leaving for work. I fell right back to sleep- and about an hour later he woke me up again cause he decided when he was halfway to work that he would call in so we could spend the day together!! He's so sweet and thoughtful. Oh- and it's such a "whatever" kinda thing, but I was out of shampoo and so on his way back to the house he stopped off at the store and bought me a new big one. :) So cute...

SO! Yesterday he and I just dozed in and out of sleep, watched tv, and then decided to get ready for the day. So I did the whole make-up thing(it's been so long haha), as well as curling my hair... I loved it.

So then we went the the Aliante Station Casino for breakfast at the Pancake House. So here's the thing about the Pancake House....

(in imitation of Michael)

FIRST- the waitress was using a fake accent, which was just terrible.

AND B- I ordered an orange juice to come with the meal and at the end when we got the bill we realized that it was freaking 4.69 for the ORANGE JUICE! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, so after breakfast we went to Fry's Electronics so I could buy a zip-drive thingy. I got a 4GB for 12 bucks so that's cool. :)

And from there we went to the Luxor to see the Titanic Exhibit. If you really really know me, you know how much I LOVE anything to do with the Titanic. I still have my ticket stub from like 1997 or something for the opening night at the La Verne Edwards Theatre. Anyhoo, we went into the Titanic Exhibit and it was so awesome to see the real dishes, clothing, glasses, jewelry, port-holes, and the huge chunk of the side of the boat. It was amazing. The best part (in my opinion) was where we walked into a room of the exhibit and it was a replica of the grand staircase that led to the ballroom... a guy with a camera told us to go stand on the staircase together and he took our picture. Mav was making fun of it, but I told him I would be buying the pictures no matter what. :)

From there we went to the Fashion Show mall and I got my foundation that ofcourse I cannot buy in St. George!!

And then we went back to the Aliante Station Casino for dinner at the buffet. It was pretty yummy, my favorite was the penne pasta. It was scrum-duddle-y-umptious!

It was such a great day. I had so much fun with him, no matter what we do, I'm so happy just being with him.
I'm so happy with my life. I have my moments of sadness, confusion, frustration... but it just makes my feelings and opinions even stronger about the good in my life. I love my family, my boyfriend, and my real friends. I'm so looking forward to 2009, it's going to be so great!

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