Friday, January 9, 2009

Crying Eyes

So last night I watched the movie P.S. I Love You. Can I just scream and yell at all my girlfriends who have told me how great that movie is?!?!?! The first 20 minutes is all showing you how incredibly in love this couple is. And then BOOM they're all sitting in a bar having an Irish funeral service for the man. He died from a brain tumor. The rest of the movie shows her trying to cope with the feeling of being left behind. And by the way, Michael wants to be cremated... I dont want that- and I don't want him to want that... but oh well. In the movie "Jerry" was cremated and she took his ashes with her to their house and put "him" on the end of the bed, would fill up a mug of coffee and set it on top of his urn for him to drink. Freaking weird at first, and then I really felt for her. She was starting her life with her husband, they both wanted a family, etc... and he was taken away from her, her LIFE was taken away. I was crying my eyes out last night for 2 hours. Because while watching the movie I would picture myself. And I know I would be doing worse than her. How can you expect someone to come back to work and just live their life without the person they chose to live life with? I'm not sure if it comes out right, but I would be beyond repair. Anyways, it was a good movie- but I'm definitely deleting it from my computer tonight. Its just too depressing to think of being in her situation.

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  1. Why do I feel like an ass? And just to make myself feel better, you're in violation of Thing #12 on my list.