Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goals and Fun-ness!

So all my life, I've been short and chubby. I've always had the "Like me for who I am" kind of attitude... But have recently had some thoughts on my life healthwise. I've had 3 "episodes" this past year. Where my heart starts racing and I can't breath. And after I catch my breath and calm down I just lay there- no energy, nothing. It's a pretty scary thing.

Anyway... (that ones for you Mike haha) I got my motivation this year. I'm going to turn my life around and make better choices for myself. My boyfriend who loves me no matter what - is just so amazing. So motivating, so helpful. I love him. He and I went to Gold's Gym last night to take a tour and check out the prices. The gym is awesome! It has a ton of classes that are free with a membership, Im excited to try the urban hip hop aerobics class and the spin class. There's the spin class room, the aerobics room, a pool for laps (YAY!), a sauna, and then a steam room (they said theres a difference but I can't remember what it was) a basketball room for Michael to play, and my FAVORITE is the "Cinema Cardio" room! It's a pitch black room with elipticals and treadmills with a big movie screen and movies playing all day long. I'm soooo excited for that. Michael is driving up today after work to go to the gym with me for our first time at Gold's and then after we're watching AMERICAN IDOL! Whoo-Hoo!!! So yeah... I love my boyfriend.

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  1. Shivani,

    I read this on the day you posted it. I want to say, pretty much, "You go, girl!"

    I'm hoping to get back to the gym next Monday, but sadness and exhaustion doesn't do much to help that. Blah.

    Good luck in spin, dude... It's hard work, tell you what.

    Also, this is the thing... You've never eaten very much. So might I recommend this book that I lost weight on and lost weight quickly and healthily?! The Fat Smash Diet. I bought the Extreme Fat Smash Diet book. It's VERY simple... It tells you exactly what your meals are each day so you can plan, and you get two snacks... and you can substitute, and you can have unlimited amounts of certain things. It's very practical and healthy. I lost weight visibly and quickly (It promises 12 lbs in 3 weeks)...

    Of course, it all came back when I began eating mass amounts of crap again. But if you make healthy choices it'll stay off. So I HIGHLY recommend trying it out!

    Good luck on the road to health. :) Love you.