Friday, September 9, 2011

both my sweeties are napping....

So time for me to get some stuff done right? 

Today our little girl is 6 months old.  Everything has been flying through my head all day.  How excited we were getting to the hospital, how freaked out I was when my water broke, how painful the contractions were, how sweet my husband was being to me, how scared I was going into the operating room, how perfect her first cry was, our first "silent conversation through eye contact" as parents, the first hour being parents...  So many wonderful memories in a day...

every single day since then has been even more filled with coo-ing, giggles, jibber-jabber, smiles, hugs, naps, playtime, and it just keeps getting better.

Today Elayna woke up sick, coughing, not wanting anything, and not being happy with nothing.  We think she's cutting teeth right now, but we'll see.  Even though she hasnt been feeling well, I'm so thankful to be able to take a sick day and be with her all day on her 6 month birthday.  I'm such a blessed wife and mommy!

Here are a few pictures of Elayna on her 6 Months!

 LOL!!!  I just realized I had her wearing a "My 1st Valentine's Day" Bib...  hey... it was free.  :)  Thank goodness for wonderful family and "hand-me-downs".  :)  We are blessed!!!!


  1. She's such a cutie, Shiv! Follow Blake and me at:

  2. OH! she is such a cutie!!!! Can't wait to see her and hold her!!! We're coming down for thanksgiving!!! We'll have to get together to catch up on all the crazy stuff we've had!!!! :)