Thursday, September 22, 2011

Making mistakes

A "friend" told me some really awful things earlier this week...

*You're raising a brat
*We all love her now, we'll all hate her later
*You're raising a child that no one will want to watch, even if you pay them
*Well atleast she has your mother watching her while you are working... she'll "right" the "wrongs" you teach her.
*You need to discipline your 6 month old.
*You're the problem.

Gosh... I can't, or rather- I don't WANT to remember what else she said. I was in shock when she said these things to me... I kept it together and when she left I just broke down crying. I have never been questioned on my parenting. I know I'm not perfect... I'M NEW AT THIS. But I know that I am the best MOM for Elayna. And I know she LOVES me. I ofcourse have been trying to pass it all off with a joke, a laugh, and a smile... but it's been eating away at me. I've been questioning myself, am I spoiling her? Am I screwing everything up???

But I have decided just a few minutes ago, to just let it go. Holding onto these thoughts are stunting me... they're keeping me from progressing. They dont help me be the Mom I want to be, they keep me afraid of making the normal mistakes. I'm going to make mistakes. But that doesnt take away from the great parent that I already am... It actually will make me a better parent through the experience of it. So to that "friend"... Thanks for the help on learning which opinions matter, and which do not...

I love my family! I don't know where I'd be without my awesome husband Michael and our amazing and independent daughter Elayna!! I can't wait for all the mistakes I'll make in life, and the lessons I'll learn from them!!



  1. Does your friend have any kids? I would like to know how you discipline a 6 month old really? You can't spoil a baby. Just enjoy her. You will figure out what works for you and your family. We are all different.

  2. Shivani! Don't let people tell you what kind of mom you should be. You are an amazing person and that translates to all you touch. Elayna will grow up wonderfully. I know it. (= Love You! -Jess.

  3. You can never love a child too much! Only you will know what is best for you and your beautiful daughter. :)