Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun, Family, and Hilary Clinton! Yay!

So first of all.... I heart sweedish fish. Okay... moving on.

Michael and I have had a "thing" with 11:11. And on our way back home from California, we stopped in Baker, CA for gas and drinks... and the gas shut off at $11.11!! Crazy huh? So ofcourse I had to take a picture... Oh and just so you know, the pictures loaded backwards... so we started at the end of the trip and we're "tarantino-ing" it. :) If you get the reference I'll give you a high five...

So Saturday night Michael and I got a hotel out in Anaheim somewhere. So we were pretty hungry so we went to Denny's and ordered "to go". While we were waiting for our order, there was one of those things full of stuffed animals... the thing with the claw where you try to pick up the stuffed animal and drop it into the bin as a prize? I have no clue what to call it. ANYWAY- When ever we see those Michael always asks me "hey want me to win you that?" and this time I actually said "YES!". So he started going for them. I decided I wanted to Betty Boop- but she wasn't budging. :( So anyway, we decided one more dollar then thats it! A dollar gives you two tries, so we went for a girl doll, and Michael got her and as she was being dragged over to the bin she fell out of the claw! So with the last try, Michael grabbed her by the feet and Waaa-Laaa! The best thing about it... is that it was a Hillary Clinton 2008 doll! Yeah... right...

So on Sunday we went to Portillo's. It's one of Michael's favorite restaurants. He grew up eating there out in Chicago. Anyhoo- we go there with my sister Tymbre and her cute little daughter Hope. It was Yummy. Well after, we went to the mall right next to it and Michael saw this sign. They spelled "portillo's" wrong... Awesome.
Michael with his amazing sloppy sandwich. :) I couldnt handle it... but my chicken sandwich was awesome!!!

Here's Michael "feeding" Hope. Hahahahaha! Hope had Mangos!

Little Hope. So cute, and just loving. She looks at you and you just melt. Anyway- this is a short one, but I don't really feel very well.

I heart my family, and I heart my future husband. :)

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  1. Oh, man... Don't get me started on editing your blog. I got a headache after the first paragraph.

    So my post has been there for 2 weeks and you're just now getting around to correcting it for me? Thanks a lot. By the way, it's time for you to update.