Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas Blues...

So I can't remember even one year that I was in the Christmas mood. Sure I've been excited to see my family, have us all together... but I've never been a Christmas kinda girl. This year was no exception.

It's my boyfriend and I's first Christmas together... and we spent it apart. So that wasn't fun. But both my brothers and their fiance/wife were coming plus the cute little niece Elissa! So while they were here, I was preoccupied with spending time with them... cherishing the little time we had together. I love my brothers. Whit- no matter what he says, I laugh. He's amazing at telling stories, so animated and his impersonations are hilarious. I love him. Cigi- for the most part he's a self starter. He sees something or someone that needs help and he does what he can. I came home from work and he was cleaning the backyard in the dark. He was taking out the trash, and he was helping me with my secret project. I love him. I love my sister in law Jasmine. Even though we rarely talk, she's one of my best friends. I can tell her anything and know that I won't recieve judgement in return. Marlene- I cannot wait to officially be sisters with her. Not only is she one of the most "REAL" girls I've ever met, but she has always been uplifting and supportive. No matter what. And oh my gosh they are both so gorgeous!!

My dad played Santa for us all on Christmas Eve. It was pretty hilarious. The first set of "ho ho ho"s when he came in the door were perfect then after that he sounded like a Santa who was about to keel over and die. He was weezing and gosh... it was hilarious. Whit was copying "Santa" all night after that. :) We sat down for our Christmas Eve family dinner and the cutest thing ever - Elissa looked at her plate of salad and said "where's brocolli??" So adorable that all we could do is start looking for brocolli. And ofcourse the rest of the time together was filled with "where's the brocolli?" She's a good eater. Elissa is my little best friend. She loves so freely and unconditionally. She accepts everyone and her smile just makes me melt. Tuesday night when I got home from work she came up and asked "where's Michael?" and I automatically teared up. My whole family asked how he was, where he was, if he got home to Chicago safely. It meant so much that my family accepts him in our family. He's become my life. And by them including him it sort of feels like they are accepting all of me. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else... but it meant a lot anyhow.

A storm was about to come through, so Cigi, Jasmine, and Elissa got on the road early Christmas afternoon... Without the little one, the house was bare, silent... I hated it. Then we checked the weather and it was getting snowy and bad down south so Whit and Marlene got on the road as well. Then it hit. I was alone. The fun and loud noise in the house, gone. I had yesterday (Friday) off from work expecting to still have family in town... and I just spent the day in my jammies and in my room all day. Thank goodness I had work today even if only for 4.5 hours... atleast it gave me a reason to get outta bed... I love my family so much. I can't wait for next Friday to drive down to LA and see my family again. Love and Miss you all.


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